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    I’m an OT, and my 7 year old client has hands that are nearly paralyzed. He can operate large buttons – even a traditional X box controller without too much difficulty. However, he struggles with operating the Joy Con buttons of his Nintendo Switch, as they are too small and require too much pressure. I’m wondering about an adaptive overlay that would enlarge the buttons and make them more responsive? He can use both hands, but both are very weak.


    Hi, my name is Netanel and I am part of a university engineering organization called Tikkun Olam Makers that would love to help design this. If possible, could we schedule a time to speak with you over Zoom to discuss this further possibly? You can reach us at [email protected].

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    Hello, my  name is Jiya and I’m a mechanical engineering design student at University of Waterloo, I would love too help out with possible solutions for this problem. Reach out to me at [email protected]. to discuss possible solutions further. Thanks!

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    Hi @otmerrileachin , another possibility for your client, if they are able to use a standard Xbox controller, is to use an Xbox controller with the Nintendo Switch through the use of a Mayflash adapter, which you can buy on Amazon.

    Let me know if this works for you!

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    Thanks everyone for your input and your offers of help – this kiddo got this controller for Christmas, and it seems to be doing the job at the moment.

    NIntendo Switch Pro full sized controller

    One disadvantage is he can’t play with it when he is away from home, as it has to connect to the TV.  I’ll reach out to see if you are still interested in building something for his original Switch Joy Con, as then it would be portable for road trips.



    Hi @otmerrileachin , with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, it should be able to connect to the Switch even when it is not connected to the TV if connected wirelessly vie Bluetooth, the only disadvantage being the Switch would have to either sit on a table top using the kickstand on the back, or be somehow propped up or mounted. It can also be connected with a wired connection if you purchase a cable with a USB-C cable on the end, or a USB-C to USB-B adapter.


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