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    ## Adapted brass instrument mouthpiece using LipSync technology

    Project Idea:
    This idea is for a class project, we are hoping this would help those who suffer from embouchure dystonia be able to play a brass instrument (specifically a trumpet but maybe adapt for all brass instruments). Those who suffer from embouchure dystonia often face challenges with keeping constant mouth pressure on the mouthpiece of an instrument, they also have problems with air leaks at the corners of their mouth, possible tremors, and involuntary movements like puckering, closing, and smiling of the mouth. These symptoms cause difficulty in holding continuous notes while playing an instrument, as well as forming the various mouth positions required to make different noises in the instrument. This idea is to have a mouthpiece similar to those used for video games, the ones you blow into that code specific puff patterns for specific movements in the game, except in this case the specific puff patterns would code for different air patterns. The mouth piece (ideally) would have a circuit board in it that attaches to a computer, the computer would then send information to an air compressor. The air compressor would have different branching tubes, the air flow from the tubes would be controlled by several cut off valves in order to create the different sounds that are created from different mouth movements, and these tubes would all connect into a mouthpiece attached to the trumpet (or other brass instrument). The mouth piece with the circuit board inside idea came from the LipSync creation from this website.

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