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    @ConnorM and I were discussing the idea of an Adaptive Gaming Event series
    Just an idea at this point, but wondering if any chapter leaders/community members are interested in this?

    * Are you involved with any communities that would benefit?

    * What do you want to know about adaptive gaming?

    * Do you have any ideas, suggestions or expertise in this realm?

    * Do you have any connections to people in the gaming industry/influencers?

    * Would you want to be involved in this series (if so how?)

    Interested to know what people think about this!


    An adaptive gaming series sounds beneficial.

    * Local medical professionals have expressed an interest in adaptive gaming.
    * What can be done to help? What are the benefits of adaptive gaming, and how can these be maximized?
    * I am not a gamer. However, I operated an adaptive sailing simulator program for several years using a [vsail simulator](https://www.virtualsailing.com.au/).
    * No direct connections but could possibly get some introductions. What are we seeking from the gaming industry/influencers?
    * I could help connect with local stakeholders and makers.


    I would very much be interested in this! I’ve been kicking around the idea of a hackathon where people learn the basics in Scratch or MakeCode Arcade in order to create more customized games. Perhaps for adults or younger players who may not be able to physically and/or cognitively follow commercially available games. Keep me in the loop for sure! Zero Day Camp would be more than happy to support instructional materials around these platforms if we want.


    @kristenjeanwebber is exploring your second point.
    * What can be done to help? What are the benefits of adaptive gaming, and how can these be maximized?

    Would be awesome to hear Kristen’s perspective!


    I love the idea of Adaptive Gaming Event and would love to get feedback from end users on what they want out of an event!


    Interested to know-who would you target(you local area/beyond?)
    As a disability professional, what questions would you want to ask?
    If you could come up with a list here would be great to get @kristenjeanwebber‘s feedback and I could create a form on the MMC site if/when this event series happens!


    I’ve chatted with a few different people about this.

    1. Hardware. There are lots of different consoles / platforms and lots of different interface devices and input devices. Trying to figure out what is needed, especially on a budget, can be challenging.

    2. Games. There are lots and lots of games out there and no standard way to assess how accessible they are.

    3. Setup / Mounting. Connecting all the hardware and getting it setup in a way that is comfortable.

    4. Settings. There are lots of opportunities for adjusting settings on the input devices, the interface, the console/platform and within the game itself.

    5. Game mechanics. For people new to gaming, it can be like learning a new language.

    There are a fair number of good resources out there, but they are spread all over the place.


    Ohh It would be neat to connect with any groups that already rate games on accessibility. If anyone has resources on these great points Jake has brought up, this is a great place to dump them! @ConnorM


    @MMC_Jake you are 100% right. There are many parts and pieces that make up the large machine of accessible gaming. Much more than just physical devices. I have seen multiple groups in the field of accessible gaming that offer help or products to assist in one or two of these different subjects, but there doesn’t seem to be a single place the has collected all of them together yet to make it easy to find what you need in one central location. Even a site that listed each of these different resources would be great. Maybe this exists I just haven’t seen it yet though.

    One site that I know of that has decent information on what games are accessible is Can I Play That?



    Hi, my name is Antonio and I’ve been gaming my whole life. I have SMA Type 3, and have been an accessibility advocate for the last 3 years. I was mobility editor for that site in the beginning and then moved on to create my own with the help of other disabled friends. At [Game Accessibility Nexus](https://www.gameaccessibilitynexus.com) we do reviews of games for the aspects of Mobility, Low Vision, and Deaf / Hard of Hearing. We also have a few opinion pieces and on assistive tools. I have done some workshops for studios and we always try to offer in-depth information and feedback to both gamers with disabilities and developers. I would be more than happy to assist in anything that you might need.


    Welcome to our community Antonio! Looking forward to getting your feedback and expertise as this idea takes shape!


    One of our volunteers suggested reaching out to Humble Bundle.

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