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    I need a way to make felting more accessible to those without fine motor ability to grip a felting needle. A teacher I am working with requested this. Something like the ball pen but in 2 pieces that are split horizontally in so the needle can be clamped inside and stay sturdy, but be able to replace the needle if it breaks. Ideally it would snap or tighten in place and not use screws. The needle has a long straight shaft with a 90 degree piece on the end (like an upside down backwards letter L)


    Here is a preliminary design. It consists of 3 3d printed parts: a top, a bottom, and a threaded connector. The needle is inserted from the inside of the bottom through the hole, and secured with the threaded connector. The top half then screws on to the threaded connector.

    All parts are intended to be printed at 0.2 m layer height. The top and bottom are designed to print without support, but it can be included if your printer struggles with bridging.

    @zeekesler has a copy of the print files and is going to get a test print to the teacher.

    I’ve done a tiny bit of needle felting and my test print seems to work okay. It should be possible to print the ball in a couple of different sizes. It would probably also make sense to add some way to cover the needle when it’s not in use.


    Hi! This works great so far. I’ve written a blog about it which I can link to this thread to gather more feedback on the design.

    Wondering if someone could connect a maker (or @chad.leaman ) to deliver 3 of these to 12th Ave school in Burnaby?


    Hey @zeekesler – Derrick printed one and Chad was in touch with the teacher to get it to them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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