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    Author: @Zeek
    Description of Idea:
    Submitted by user @Christina
    My student currently uses a red extra sensitive adaptive switch for participation in his academic day; it is used with a switch interface to play cause and effect games, as well as access online books and PowerPoints, and to make choices during activities.

    He sits in a rifton chair with attachable tray, with the switch velcro’d flat on the right side corner of his tray. Due to the velcro and his strength, he can easily pull it off his tray and play with the wire. It would be beneficial to have it mounted from the bottom of his chair up to his tray so the wire can be hidden and the switch can angled so it can stay in place.

    MMC Entry I.D: 6322


    Here is an example of a Rifton chair for those who are unfamiliar. We’d need to know more info about the model re the size of bars or thickness of mounting suface


    @loretodalt @Professor.Zia just a heads up I added this one as well from the switch expression of interest form


    @ZKv @Professor.Zia Kk, I sent Adam and Tamara an email today about the requests they were following up on in NYC. From their reply it seems that they are in the process of following up with everyone and have things under control but will reach out if they need help and keep us posted. I’m happy to update the forum as they update me in case Tamara and/ or Adam don’t make their way over here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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