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    This idea came from a published author and user of MMC devices, Brenda. She has created a list of potential ideas for devices. This post describes one of the device ideas:

    Project Idea:
    A device that would hold a ruler steadier and then help the individual align a pencil with it and then run a pencil or box cutter along the ruler. This would be some type of device that would be able to be attached to most rulers easily. Ideally, it would be able to be removable without damaging the ruler.

    Support needed:
    We are looking for a designer/maker to develop this device. Brenda is open for contact for any feedback or details but currently is not on the forum, so feel free to reach out in the comments to be put in contact.


    Hey @MMC_Tyler! Roaring Riptide high-school robotics team from Gainesville, Florida has a few ideas to share with you. Would you like them to submit the ideas here in a Google Doc, video, or what format?


    Hi  @labrewster, This sounds great! It would be great to have the ideas shared under this post so then others may be able to join in the collaboration aswell. posting a google drive link here or directly posting the files here will likely be the best way to do that :slight_smile:


    Copying over a few responses from the old forum:

    Leigh Anne Brewster:

    MMC_Tyler Here’s what we have –


    Tyler Fentie:

    Hi @labrewster This is so great!! I am very excited to see a design from you and the students. I just checked out the link and just wanted to make sure I understand how the design works. I will reference the picture below:

    So in the red is supposed to represent a ruler and the yellow arrow is pointing to the place where the pencil or box cutter could run along. am I understanding the device correctly?


    Leigh Anne Brewster:

    From the student who created it – There are clips on the bottom where the ruler would be placed, which is in the red area. You would use the yellow area for the pen/pencil.


    Tyler Fentie:

    Thank you for the clarification @labrewster! I would say a good next step if possible would be to 3D print it out and give it a test to see if it works with multiple different kinds of rulers the student can find around the school. I will test print it out myself and give some feedback when I try to use it with the ruler I have at home

    do you have anything else you think should be approached for next steps?


    Hey Tyler! Our 3D printers won’t print something this large! Do you have a way to print it?


    Are you still looking for design ideas on this? I have a different method that might be universal.  Right now it is just bouncing around my head, but I will see if I can get it flashed out a bit into a stl if you are still interested.

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