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    I have mild to moderate tremors in my dominant hand and was recently medically diagnosed as having Essential Tremors.  I’ve had them for a long time but a beta blocker, prescribed for my hypertension, mostly kept them out of sight and out of mind. But they interfere with some activities of daily life.  Eventually I decided to do something about my tremors. Yes, but what?  At that time, all I knew was the name Essential Tremors and they made eating soup with a spoon as difficult as eating soup with a fork.  I wanted a non-drug solution to my shaky hands.  I wanted to enjoy eating soup without the worry of making a mess on myself and the area around me.  I want to be able to draw a line without squiggles on it. I needed to reduce my hand/arm tremors by at least as much as 40mg of Propranolol would.


    A couple of friends helped me to first focus on tremor measurement and recording. Later I found a research paper on noninvasive neuromodulation of Essential Tremors.  Anthony R, very insightfully said; “A glove to befuddle the nervous system into reducing the tremors it creates” should be on my ‘to do list’.  Further research provided relatively complete technical information on how this electrical neurostimulation should work.  The Citizen Scientist in me decided to build my own Essential Tremor treatment device using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware.  I tested it on myself, It works! Yes, after a little as 15 minutes of electrical stimulation, the peak amplitude of my forearm tremor was reduced by almost 2/3!


    Will it work for you?  I cannot answer that.  The hardware is relatively inexpensive and the design and the software is Open Source. You need to replicate my device and test it yourself.


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