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    Hi Makers,

    Some local clinicians in Edmonton have a need for switch adapted wireless call bells for their patients.  Switch adapted call bells are used by our non-verbal with limited mobility population who live at home and need to get their caregiver’s attention in another room. The caregiver would wear the receiver and the client would have the transmitter.  This allows for independence as well as reassurance for both the caregiver and client.

    We are looking for a maker to source a wireless door bell and switch adapt the transmitter.

    Features that we are looking for in the call bell:

    > receiver and transmitter need to be portable (battery operated)

    > ability to adjust the type of sound on the receiver i.e chime or vibrate

    > long range, so if the caregiver is in the yard or basement, the receiver and transmitter would still work

    Thank you,



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