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    Could someone help me figure out how to make a DIY bite ability switch like the ones in the links? I think it would also be great if we could improve upon those models and have a way to also hold a 5 mm aquarium hose for a sip and puff switch.

    Bite Switch

    Bite Ability Switch


    @MMC_Jake @SRv @MMC_Milad @MMC_Derrick any suggestions that come to mind?


    Hey @elandyboys92 – welcome to the forum and MMC!

    Are the bite switch and the tube/hose holder related or meant to be separate ideas? Is this something you are looking for personally, or for someone you know?


    Hi, Im looking to use it for myself. I currently use a hose for the sip and puff but wish I could use a 3rd switch with my mouth, so they are meant to be the same idea. But of course I think holding the hose is the easy part and I could think of a soultion myself. The hard part for me is making the bite switch.


    Would you pair a bulb with something like the [Presair Tinytrol Miniature Air Switch](https://presair.com/products/air-switches/)?


    Gotcha. We did a little ideation around mounting tubes for the sip and puff when we did our internal version (e.g. [Sip And Puff Switch | Makers Making Change](https://makersmakingchange.com/project/sip-and-puff-switch/)), but it could use a little tweaking. The reason I ask is it probably makes sense to break that out into a separate thread.


    Probably overkill, but there may be some good lessons / inspiration from the Byte Switch: ([The BYTE | Hackaday.io](https://hackaday.io/project/171778-the-byte)), which won the 2020 Hackaday Prize. @MMC_Derrick is planning a test build of that design.

    One of the trickier aspects is finding a suitable food-safe enclosure. The BYTE switch uses a silicone nipple that’s part of an adult-sized pacifier: [Amazon.com : LittleForBig Adult Sized Pacifier Nipple Value Pack : Baby](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TYK5G3W)

    In the past, I though that a silicone fingertip protector may also make a suitable enclosure, and is probably big enough for one of the small 12mm tactile switches used in the Raindrop / Light touch.

    is a momentary switch sufficient?


    For a bite-switch, can you mount a regular push-button switch on it’s side* then enclose it in a food grade (silicone/vinyl/etc.) tube. You’ll have to seal-off the end of the tube that goes into the mouth. The other end will have wires coming out that are connected to the switch?

    I’m picturing this end (with the wires inside the tube) being pushed through the narrow end of a Loc-Line 1/4″ Round Nozzle for 1/2″ System: ![Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 3.31.57 PM|222×164, 75%](upload://7UZdLM2ijRZbSv6a2lwPEfWbSDQ.png).
    This nozzle is then attached to a Loc-Line 1/2″ connector: ![Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 3.37.46 PM|370×252, 50%](upload://nuqtf1rxmhgBJfdZfl7AnwyYePP.png). The threaded 1/2″ Loc-Line will connect to other (less expensive) 1/2″ PVC threaded tubing. (Unfortunately, Loc-Line products are not available at most hardware stores … only online :unamused:.)

    BTW, your original question for something that will hold a 5mm aquarium hose made me think of the Loc-Line products — designed to be watertight for use with aquariums. Loc-Line hoses come as small as 1/4″ in diameter. That’s a little bigger than 5mm but may suit your purpose.

    Good luck!

    * You may need to mount to a small section of perfboard cut to size to give it orientation/structure/stiffness. For an example of perfboard, see https://www.adafruit.com/product/2670.


    hough that a silicone fingertip protector may also mak

    A momentary switch inside the pacifier might just be perfect solution. Maybe we could design a small 3D printed disc to increase the area where the switch activates and put that inside the pacifier.


    Thanks! I will look into all of this!


    @MMC_Jake just posted the winner of the [2020 Hackaday Prize Winner](https://forum.makersmakingchange.com/t/byte-switch-2020-hackaday-prize-winner/1433) which uses an adult-sized pacifier nipple. Brilliant use of a commonly available product!

    (Sorry, I didn’t see @MMC_Jake ‘s post on the 2020 Hackaday prize earlier. :pensive: )


    @alice (No worries – The BYTE has been on our radar for a little while, but that was a relatively new post).

    The pacifier is a nice option, though sealing is still a challenge. The 3D printed portion is still exposed and could potentially be a spot where bacteria could grow. May be less of an issue since it’s at the ‘end’ of the pacifier, but still fairly close to the mouth.

    I like the idea of the Loc-Line nozzle as you might be able to stretch the silicone portion over it, and that would provide a way to easily mount it as well.

    A momentary switch inside the pacifier might just be perfect solution. Maybe we could design a small 3D printed disc to increase the area where the switch activates and put that inside the pacifier.

    This is what I had thought about previously, the challenge was sealing up the end. Anyone have any ideas?

    Looks like there is food-safe heatshrink – that may help, or be an option all on it’s own:
    [Food-Grade Heat Shrink – 3/8 diameter 12 long ID: 1020 – $2.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits](https://www.adafruit.com/product/1020)


    Commercial Products
    (This post is a Wiki – anyone can edit / add)

    # AirTurn Bite Switch
    $39 USD
    ![image|499×500, 50%](upload://cMmMPqsi9pVpA2T0H5wK7eeY3fN.jpeg)

    # GlassOuse Bite Switch
    $59 USD
    ![image|516×344, 50%](upload://kYZNBMhdOsQL2FYdMikrx0Y38gt.png)

    # Inclusive Technologies Bite Ability Switch
    $110 USD


    I ordered several of the suggested items. So far, I have the silicone nipple. The space inside the bulb part seems to be about 15mm x 15mm. While the height inside the bulb seems like it may be about 8mm, the neck (bite part) leading to the bulb is 15mm wide but not as high however.

    I’m hoping that the neck of the nipple will fit inside the heat-shrink silicone tubing and will seal this junction.

    Will post my progress!


    @MMC_Chad found another DIY bite switch design that was used as an alternative input by a musician for controlling the sustain pedal of an electronic piano. This bite sensor is analog / continuous (i.e. not momentary or on/off like typical switches)

    The designer does a great job of outlining and explaining the design requirements and different concepts they considered and tested.

    In this case, the main component was produced using a resin based SLS printer. They use a FFF 3d printed mold to cast some silicone to seal everything up, and then a product called Sil-Poxy to adhere the two parts of the silicone together.

    Sil-Poxy is rated as skin-safe; unclear to me whether that makes it safe to use in the mouth as well.

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