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    Hi everybody,

    New on the forum, I’m a french occupationnal therapist and maker at heart. I’m working for an healthcarehome and we have a makerspace integrated into our structure : Makergo 4

    Involved in gaming accessibility, I’m looking to design a device that gives wheelchair users the ability to play video games directly with their wheelchair control joystick.


    The device should be capable of recovering the bluetooth mouse signal from a power wheelchair controller and convert it into a signal that can be use by the adaptive xbox controller.

    It could help many powerwheelchair user to play video games with more independance

    Several cool Open devices exist, but they require the help of a third person to plug the wire.
    The use of the bluetooth connexion could be a nice option

    Some project may be a good brick to begin this work :
    atmakers and usersFreedomwing 3 , we have already assemblied one and it works well.
    MMC virtual joystick 5Lipsyncgaming 2
    magic joystick 6 from my human kit, work in progress.

    I’ve told with Bill Binko from AT makers and users 3, according to him, using a Adafruit nrf52840 devices with circuit pyton could help.

    I don’t have enough programming skills to do it, and I hope that some of you will want to help with this design.

    For my part, I can 3d print, buy parts, make electronic assemblies in our makerspace and realize tests with users. We have several candidates here who are really interested to test it


    That’s the one I have, it is a mouse simulator from the wheelchair joystick.

    Quite pricey. The tetra society as a Bluetooth joystick but it’s not incorporated into the wheelchair driving joystick.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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