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    **Hello Chapter Leaders!**
    This is a place for Chapter Leaders to meet one another and discuss their goals, events, questions and learn from one another.
    **Please log on the forum:**
    **Please Tell us:**
    1. Who are you and where your chapter is based out of?
    2. What do you do, what are your passions and why did you decided to become an MMC Chapter Leader?
    3. What are you hoping to get out of the experience of being a Chapter Leader?
    4. What are you interested to know about other Chapter Leaders?


    1. Ryan Hall – Winchester, VA (USA)
    2. I’m a founder of the Valley Makers Association and I’m passionate about giving people access to tools, equipment, and the knowledge to use them so they can better their own lives.
    3. I think that MMC can be an import part of shaping the VMA into an important community resource.
    4. What are you working on? Why are you excited about it?


    I will re-adjust this the questions to be about my role in MMC

    1. Who are you and where are you based out of?
    Hi I am Zee and I am the Project Manager of MMC! I am based out of head office in Burnaby BC and for the time being, I’m helping to start up the MMC Chapters in Canada and the US, although I primarily responsible for managing the project in Canada
    2. What do you do, what are your passions and why did you decided to become an MMC Leader?
    I have been involved for many years running the Maker Education Initiative and meetup group in Vancouver, which led me to meet the MMC team. I was always a bit resistant to 3D printing until I saw what Makers Making Change was doing with 3D printing and open source design and I wanted to be a part of it. I had recently diagnosed with a disability myself and I felt helping further this cause was a step in the ‘accepting’ process for me. I am super honored to be a part of such a challenging and innovative project.
    3. What are you hoping to get out of the experience of being an MMC Leader?
    I want to learn more about how to create change on a big level which for me, involves learning more about how health care and disability services work in different provinces, states and countries. It also involves learning lots of new system to manage information.
    4. What are you interested to know about other Chapter Leaders?
    I would love to know how I can help your Chapter thrive and grow


    Thanks for posting first Ryan-everyone else was invited later than you-let’s see how long it takes to get on here! I am still figuring out the whole forum thing myself!


    1. My name is Eleni Comstock. I am currently a college student at Montana State University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology,
    2. I am establishing a MMC chapter in the state of Montana – focusing on the maker side of things through build nights, and also curriculum development centering around the goals of MMC. I decided to become a chapter leader because I saw the opportunity in the modern world if a community including makers/engineers/designers/disability professionals/educators/people with disabilities came together. My passions really lie in accessibility in rural environments and small towns, not just in cities.
    3. I am hoping to learn how to facility productive community building between diverse groups – all while making the world more accessible.
    4. What challenges are other chapter leaders encountering, and how are they overcoming these challenges?


    * Who are you and where your chapter is based out of?
    1. Hi! I am Matthew Levac and the Chapter I oversee is out of Phoenix Arizona,
    2. I am an Occupational Therapist as well as the Therapy Supervisor for a Private day school in Phoenix. My passion is creating assistive technology to meet the needs of students who have a disability. I feel strongly that open AT or the AT Maker movement as I have recently been referring to it, is a great way to fill the need of accessibility to AT for those who need it. I decided to become an MMC Chapter Leader to further spread the word within the great state of Arizona.
    3. I hope to connect with various HS and College STEM students as well as community Makers to grow a network within Arizona to ensure all the needs of our SPED students are being met.
    4. I am new to the STEM and Making fields. I would love to learn more of the 3D printing process as well as microcontrollers.



    1. Kristen Webber based in Atlanta, Georgia
    2. I am an occupational therapist who specializes in neurological injuries. I am an assistive technology professional as well. I work at the Shepherd Center, a catastrophic care hospital. I love the makers movement and think it is a great way to empower people to get creative while returning to their hobbies.
    3. I hope to help bridge gaps in communities, build relationships, and help folks gain access to otherwise expensive equipment by being a Chapter Leader.
    4. I would love to know what projects chapter leaders find appropriate for which age groups & just any tips or tricks for community collaboration.


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