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    I have long COVID (ME/CFS type) and am bedbound. I have to try and expend as little energy as possible, because going over my limits causes my symptoms to worsen. I have been struggling to find a craft that I can do. I’ve tried knitting, embroidery, and lucet cordmaking, but all of them have depleted my energy due to large muscle arm movements. Maybe this is easily solved by a recommendation from someone who knows more about crafting than I, but I would love help designing some kind of device to make this doable for me.


    have you tried cross-stitch? Also, if you can use a computer/mouse for awhile and interested in making things, you could learn to 3d model in an application like tinkercad and print it or have it printed on a 3d printer.


    Cross-stich ( )comes to mind. Are you able to use a computer for extended periods of time? It’s not the same a the crafts you listed, but learning to do 3d modeling in an application like tinkercad and then getting a 3d printer would allow you to design and produce things.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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