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    A head pointer is used by individuals with limited hand or arm control to interact with a physical keyboard or a capacitive, computer/tablet touchscreen. It can also be used to manipulate objects like turning pages in a book. Head pointers have two components: a mounting system that is fit to the individual’s head and a rod that is attached to the head mount. The rod can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. The composition of the rod determines if it can only be used to depress keys on a physical keyboard and manipulate physical objects, or if it can also interact with a computer/tablet touchscreen.

    Head pointers have been available for decades. They can be bulky, heavy, clunky looking, and above all, expensive. In keeping with the guidelines of Volksswitch, we only consider creating an alternative design if that design would result in a significant cost savings and/or greater customization and personalization. We believe that our customizable head pointer does meet both of those goals.

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