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    Author:  @thorsenrune1

    Description of Idea:
    Can people be involved in code signing and 3D printing an Assistive Device for their own use?

    Some people with cerebral paresis may want to use a knife to cut their food while eating. They may be interested in creating their own on a 3D printer. Would you be able to help with a concept for an interchangeable handle that could be mounted on a normal flatware knife to turn it into an “L shaped” knife or a so-called “rocker knife”?

    MMC Entry I.D: 7067


    There is an existing project for a customizable cuff holder that might be a good staring point for this project.

    A similar modular approach could be taken to have a customizable handle, a standard connection interface, and a customizable knife holder. In this particular case, you would likely need an interface that is quite strong to be able to transfer the load from the handle to the knife safely and reliably.


    Thanks, there are some good points in this. However an L shaped knife requires some work on the interface knife-handle. Also the persons that we work with do not need the cuff.
    If someone wants to join in on an iterative process of codesigning It would be nice and a good challenge.


    Hello, my name is James and I am completely new to the site! I am an MET, and product designer by trade. Is there any way that I could help you with this project? Please let me know this sounds like it is right in my wheelhouse.


    Hi, I definitely see the need in there. I also think functionally it depends on what kind of knife you’re using (steak knife vs regular knife) and what you would be cutting (meat vs. pancakes). The hand function of the person matters too. There’s a huge range in CP. Is this for a specific person?

    Also something to think about is the thing that makes rocker knives work is the curve of the blade. I’m not sure if adding an “L” handle would work on a typical knife handle. It might be interesting if you could somehow add a piece to the blade.

    Let me know if it’s for a specific person and I can help problem solve more.


    Am I doing this right? I would like to offer my services to design and make this. How do I sign-up for this? I haven’t heard back from anybody.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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