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    Hi @ibraevajibek and @KenHackbarth thought you would both enjoy this. Also, @jlee245 think you expressed interest in this on last Chapter call.

    Benetech has an [open library of Accessible Educational Resources for STEM](https://imageshare.benetech.org/). You can find a variety of learning resources and search specifically for various types of learning resources (like video, 3d prints, etc). What @KenHackbarth has above, they consider a 2.5D print.

    Not sure their process for curation and adding, but looks to have a lot of resources from first blush.


    Hi Jibek,

    Here are four 3D sculpted Darwin’s finches we made by modifying the beak and body proportions of [this](https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-zebra-finch-sculpture-714) finch model we found.

    Let us know if you need us to make any changes to the models. We would love to keep supporting your organization so please ask if you have any other modelling requests!

    Hope this helps!

    -Palmer and Benjamin


    Like I said… Serious sculpting skills!


    Dear Friends, Colleagues,
    Our Public Foundation “Fenomen” , a non-profit organization, implements educational, employment projects for visually impaired individuals (children and adults) in Kyrgyzstan. We are currently implementing a project for schools teaching blind and low vision students (one in Bishkek, the other one in Osh). Mainly, we are collecting freely available 3d model designs for the schools. We received funding to buy a 3D printer and plastic to print around 1000 models. We have already found 3D designs for chemistry, physics, math, elementary school.

    We learnt that some of you may design models for free-of-charge. We wanted to explain the evolution theory by Darwin’s finches to children ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin%27s_finches ). Could you please let us know, if this model can be designed for us? 3D printing is only developing in our country, and we secured funds only to print models (to buy a printer and plastic).The schools are poorly financed, and teachers badly need educational. materials to explain concepts.
    We would greatly appreciate if someone of you could volunteer. Please contact me if you are interested at [email protected].

    Jibek Ibraeva


    Hi Jibek,

    I just put something together, quickly, based on the image displayed on the Wikipedia page you referenced. It’s only 2 dimensional because that’s the best that someone like me, with no artistic skills, can produce. If you’re looking for something that is more 3 dimensional it will require that someone volunteer with serious digital sculpting skills.


    Good luck!


    Dear Ken,

    Thanks so much! We really liked it, and we will print. Apologize for not getting in touch on time. We are very grateful.
    We will write you back once we print it.


    Hey @ibraevajibek – welcome to the community!

    If you haven’t come across it already, there is another project focused around creating 3d printable models for the visually impaired: https://hackaday.io/project/11312-3d-prints-for-teachers-of-the-visually-impaired

    May be an opportunity for a little more collaboration between our communities.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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