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    Posting on behalf of an occupational therapist in BC, Canada:

    “My patient who is in need of a device to aid with putting dry shampoo on her hair (mainly the back of her hair). She is unable to reach as she has limited shoulder and elbow mobility. She also has limited finger strength and dexterity so pushing the sprayer is also a struggle

    She uses a power wheelchair when applying. She was wondering if a switch between her knees could be possible to control the sprayer.

    The client uses Batiste Dry Shampoo ( The dimensions are roughly 45mm diameter x 220mm high; 200 Grams. I think it would be really neat though if the solution we found could fit a variety of spray bottles.”


    Hey there,

    I’ll try to put together something that meets their needs and upload the files for review this week! Hopefully we can come up with something that helps.




    Hey there, just wanted to give an update on what I’ve found and some things that others might can weigh in on.


    I’ve found a few designs that utilize servos to actuate a lever arm, but many of these have the electronics exposed. Given that dry shampoo is going to have an aerosol component, I don’t trust my design skills enough to prevent a potential fire hazard. I do think that I could adapt one of these designs to incorporate a handle on a string to reduce that risk and still provide a device that would allow an individual with decreased upper extremity mobility to use it. Wanted to get some thoughts from the community?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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