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    Our goal is to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities in as many communities as possible through our chapter programs.

    @janellesingh is our Chapter Leader in Edmonton, AB!
    This area is used for users to find chapters in their local area and to start conversations on anything MMC related: gain support for organizing local events, support each other with local build requests and trouble shoot issues with projects.

    If anyone in the Edmonton area wants to introduce themselves feel free to “reply to this thread” and say hi!

    • Who are you and where are you based out of?
    • What do you do, and what are your passions and areas of interest in assistive tech (and otherwise?)
    • What are you hoping to get out of the experience of being an MMC Leader or member?
    • What are you interested to know about other Chapter Leaders and members?

    If you want to start your own thread that is relevant to the Edmonton area, start a new thread by clicking on Purple square that says “CA Chapters” and then click “New Topic” on the right hand side. Add Edmonton AB in the title and tags as well as some words that indicate the post topic.

    Go to www.makersmakingchange.com and login. Then, click on the forum tab and log in. Here is a video that walks you through the process.


    Thank you @MMC_Shanelle great idea!

    My name is Janelle Singh and I’m passionate about Assistive Technology. I have been working in the AT field for over 13 years as a Biomedical Engineering Technologist at the I CAN Centre for Assistive Technology. Areas that I specialize in are Environmental control, Cellular and tablet access, Alternative Augmentative Communication, Power Mobility, and Computer access. As you know acquiring AT is one hurdle but setting up and training are other barriers people with disabilities face, these are areas in which I excel. MMC is helping to bridge the gap of affordability and accessibility of AT. Having an open source library is brilliant! I’m hoping to spread awareness about the resources available through MMC with as many disability professionals and people living with a disability. I’m still trying to learn the about the products and have started to 3D print a few designs. Learning about other Chapters has been great. Please feel free to reach out to me for advise or help anytime! Looking forward to expanding our MMC community here in Edmonton so that we can get AT into the hands of those who need them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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