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    On the Amazon Alexa there are Alexa Routines. Unfortunately, Amazon stopped making the Echo Smart Button and there are not many products that work with routines you can use with Alexa.

    My idea is to use Flic 2 buttons (e.g., but this is far too small for some people who may need bigger switches. With Flic you can control TV and music via Alexa (if it has Alexa voice controlled some TV’s) lights and what colour plus a lot more. If it works with Alexa you can make a routine for it like “Alexa turn on heating” or “Alexa turn to channel 4.” You can have up to 64 Flic buttons on one home kit and this combined with a bigger, more accessible switch would make everyday life inside better and give more control.

    What it would look like is you have a slot to push the Flic button into the center or have a holder inside for the flic 2 and have it screw together with the button on top with a small spring to pop up the button.


    [MMC: Edited for clarity; added relevant links]


    This sounds like something comfortably within my design and production capability, and precisely the sort of thing I enjoy designing and making. I have a couple of ideas in mind, along with some questions about specific needs.

    Are you simply looking for an actuation target that is larger, or are there strength limitations as well? The addition of springs will increase the actuation force by a bit.

    Are there any specific mounting requirements or requests?

    Will there be someone with fine motor skills available to help install and maintain the device (replace Flic buttons/batteries etc)?



    flic 2 specs file is under i ask flic if they had a spec sheet the file name is flic 2 specification

    the main specs Idea (can be different)

    size is L 75mm by W 75mm H 36mm but this is just to keep it around the same but can be different

    the size is like the old amazon echo buttons but doesn’t have to be the same

    this was my idea

    idea one is is to have a top and bottom the you can turn together and holds in place with small screw or like plug,

    the inside have the flic 2 centered with a holder where you just push the flic 2  in place and the top will have a part that comes down but has a spring to pop it back up

    it doesn’t need to mount as the bottom is flat and can have velcro on to be put anywhere as it will be light

    but if you this a 1/4 thread on the bottom would be good for mounting then go for it.

    i think for the strength limits most students will be pressing it with the parm of there hand but i would like to use pla+ for the cheap-ness part of things but you can print in abs later for stronger parts


    how will it go together is the top will be upside down you put the other top in as it would be the button then the spring in and leave it upside down and now with the bottom you put the flic 2 in place and turn together and can be screw to stop it unscrewing or plug but some screw together parts and just hold as normal if you think it would be best


    top with the screw to the bottom

    top part 2 to go inside as this would be the button with the part that presses the button inside with the spring

    the bottom is the part holds the flic two and screws to the top

    my discord is

    if you want to chat about what Im going for then you will have a better understanding

    like let me know your name if you do add then i


    someone with fine motor skills is available to help install and maintain the device at all times


    ok i used tinkercad to  make an idea i know you could do it better but just to show what i mean and making it cleaner

    the need to be a lip so the switch dont just fall out



    Discord would be nice. Look for AwDuck#5535


    @aaronptyler  Not sure if yall got this sorted out or not but put together a simple design that should work. Won’t have the same actuation as if a spring is introduced but this will rest on the Flic button and still achieve the same goal.


    This looks nice would you like to join are discord chat as it was easier to keep track of everything plus we can upload it to here after it’s all done

    This is amazing but would the button fall out if it was upside down I mean make a copy of your design but something that holds the button in place two would be perfect

    But don’t delete it as it is good for a cheaper design for schools or homes and if it was glued to a flat table for accessibility this would work in homes and schools alike but

    If you have discord add me EYE’s#0278

    Tell me your name and I’ll add you back




    @aaronptyler Would love to join in on the conversation.  Discord is josowe1812#0513


    I have added you to my friends when you add me I’ll add you to group look for eyes and pop me a message on discord please note I’m in the UK at moment but you can message me anytime lol

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