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    A set of clips that attach to the back of a wheelchair to hold forearm crutches. I can’t find a good way to attach my crutches to my wheelchair, what’s already on the market either doesn’t work with my chair, doesn’t hold both crutches, or is way too expensive. And a lot of what’s out there is large pieces. I want to design something small, but sturdy that won’t let the crutches slip or fall.


    Hey @spagnaemily, and welcome to the MMC Forum.

    This looks like a good OpenAT project. Can you add some more details to help out potential designers?

    1. What sort of connections points are at the back of the wheelchair? Can you provide a photo?

    2. Do you have any photos or links for the commercial devices that you mentioned?

    3. What diameter are the crutches? Can your provide a photo of where they would be attached?

    4. Have you though about how the crutches should be secured and released? (i.e., with one hand or two hands, any constraints on dexterity or strength?)


    Hey there @Spagnaemily ,

    I threw together a quick design that I think might generally meet your needs based on the information in your post, although the dimensions might be off. If you are able to answer the questions in the above post, I would be more than happy to make edits to the design to best suit your needs!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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