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    Hi friends!
    This forum is new. We are hoping this forum can become a central area for communication around projects and shared space for projects, ideas, and requests. We’ve done some work to create a layout and structure. Right now, there are major categories for:

    – Device Library – these are projects that have been built before, and have instructions and resources so they could be built again.
    – Outstanding Request – these are when someone “requests” something from the library. Example: I see project X and would like a copy
    – Device Ideas – these are for requests where they “don’t” have a defined solution; a request that needs design and prototyping.
    – Events – area to discuss pieces around events. For our typical build events that may or may not be of use, but I imagine for larger national conferences it could be useful.
    – Makers Making Change – areas to discuss logistics, opportunities, and other higher level topics.

    Curious to your thoughts. What needs to be added? What would a forum have to help connecting people with disabilities to makers and open source assistive technology?


    Hi Everyone,

    I am also curious to know how familiar you are with forums. Do you visit them regularly? How active are you in these forums (i.e. are you just browsing, do you post replies, have you ever moderated a forum)?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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