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    We’ve partnered with AbleGamers to create a variation of the Freedom Wing to enable more gamers to utilize their powerchair joystick as a gaming joystick. The original FreedomWing works great but there are two limitations that prevent some potential users from utilizing the device. First, the joystick must be unplugged from the power chair and plugged into the Freedom Wing. This can limit a user’s independence, as not everyone has someone readily available who can perform the cable swap for them. Secondly, the connection to the Freedom Wing is only compatible with certain joysticks, so it is not possible for many users to utilize the device with their setup.

    The current plan is to create a variation of the FreedomWing that is able to connect with a Bluetooth Mouse module on a powerchair and convert the mouse signals into joystick commands. OurEmbedded Systems Designer Milad had already created a similar solution for a user in France and we are in the process of testing and expanding this setup.

    Ideas? Suggestions? Keen to be a tester? Comment here.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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