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    Welcome to our forum!

    Creating an account is necessary in order to use this forum. To create an account, press the red sign up button in the top right hand corner of the Makers Making Change webpage.

    By creating an account, you agree to take full responsibility for all actions taken using your account, whether authorized by you or not, until you close your account or notify the organization that your account has been breached. You agree to notify the organization immediately if you suspect that your account has been breached. To avoid the risk of having your account compromised, it is recommended that you choose a password that is secure and keep it secret.

    Posting a topic to the forum

    Members of this forum may initiate conversations by posting topics within categories. A topic refers to the initial post that sparks a conversation related to themes in that category.

    To create a topic, a member must select the category they wish to post this under. From there scroll to the bottom and you will see the create new option.

    Posting a reply to a thread

    Members of this forum are encouraged to engage in discussion on threads — messages organized around a singular topic. Members can reply to posts by using the Reply feature to directly respond to content. In addition to participating in a general discussion, you may reply to individual members within a thread by first replying to their post as normal and then including an @ symbol in the body of their text followed by the first letters of an individual member’s username. Upon doing so, they will be allowed to tag a member, which will act as a personal reply to them which they will be notified of. Be advised, this is not the same thing as a private message. Individuals are responsible for ensuring that they do not share private information publicly on this forum.

    Sending Private Messages

    Maker-Requester pairs may choose to discuss details of a request in private and are encouraged to disclose personal information related to fulfilling that request through private messages. These consist of email-like exchanges within the forum itself that are visible only between recipients. To send a private message, click the get in touch, message requester.

    To view if you have any private messages the mail icon on the makers making change page will have a small number appear showing you have an unread message.  

    Flagging Content

    MMC is continuing to improve the experience of forum users by moderating this online space. If you see content that is inappropriate, or have a questions for staff please use the Get in Touch message MMC staff button.  This is only available in the Maker Wanted Tab not in the Forum Tab.

    Posts may be flagged for a variety of reasons, including:

    · It’s offensive

    · It’s off-topic

    · It’s spam

    · It contains malware or suspicious content

    · It contains sensitive or personal material

    If you choose to select an option that asks you to privately message another member, please consider the following:

    1.     Is singling them out the best approach to resolve this problem? Will avoiding public involvement resolve this issue simply?

    2.     Is this a repeat offender? How often do you see this behavior happening?

    3.     What is the severity of this issue? Does this involve multiple members?

    When a flag has been submitted, it is subject to review by MMC staff. During this time, MMC staff will reach out and explain the next steps in resolving the issue. If it is helpful, you may wish to take screenshots or provide further detail on the situation as you understand it.

    Searching for content – Search function

    As you become more familiar with the forum you may wish to view specific content. Enter key words to help narrow down your results. Possible key words include tags, category titles, names of users, or specific language that you believe is in a post.

    Following content

    For those who want to track a topic please select the notify me of follow ups. This will ensure that they are automatically notified of every new post within that thread.

    In the forum you can also subscribe to a thread which will send you notifications anytime someone posts or updates within that thread.

    Accessing your profile

    To access your forum profile, click on My Profile Tab in the main menu. Underneath your name, locate your username “@(username)”. Here you can access your forum activities and subscriptions.

    To view another person’s forum profile, find any post or replies they created and click on their username.

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    Thanks for the tips, I am new here and learning a lot from this community:)

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