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    **Idea:** Leanne Taylor (@leannemtaylor8)

    I am a paraplegic and one difficulty I have is carrying groceries. Putting them on my lap has not been successful as they always seem to fall off. I have seen a grocery bag holder that has hooks on it to attach grocery bags to allow someone to carry several grocery bags at once. This made me think that something like this that attaches directly to a wheelchair would be awesome! I think the goal here would be to have the weight of groceries be supported by the frame of the wheelchair, and that the wheelchair user be able to use both of their hands.

    I think that the best place to put this would be on the front canes of the wheelchair. The grocery bags would essentially sit to the left and right of my legs but in front of the chair away from the wheels. This way the weight of the grocery bags is to the front and in a safer position for the wheelchair user (when the weight of grocery bags is behind the wheelchair users it can make them much more prone to tipping). Ideally, this device would be detachable. Other ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    ![Grocery Carrier Concept|690×419, 50%](upload://4zxdQ0anGVYCJ68mYb7i28GkH3R.jpeg)


    Hi Hannah! I’m professional product designer and would like to help making this a reality. Sin this message is from June, let me know if you still need it or found a solution. Thanks.


    Hello Hannahh,

    Wish You a Very Great Day..!!
    I will be happy to take the challenge to design something which could help you in struggling less at the grocery store. Feel free to reach me via email ([email protected]) to proceed further on the same.

    With Love from India..!!

    Gurbaksh Singh


    This design solution is still needed in Manitoba. Can you help? Do you have ideas that you can share with others?


    Can you please share somw pictures of the Wheelchair being used by the user?
    It will help us making a better suited design specific to the wheelchair design.

    Wheel Chair Frame’s measurements will also be very helpful if you can provide with the pictures.


    The Biomedical Engineering Design Team at University of Manitoba would be happy to help design and manufacture a solution for this!


    Please connect with the requester. If you need any support from me as Regional Coordinator, please let me know.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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