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    One of the biggest challenges I have, as a result of my disability, is not being able to point at things I need. My speech is extremely hard for people to understand, particularly for people who don’t know me and my voice. Something that I think could really help me and other people with limited speech, is a laser pointer that could be activated by a switch or Bluetooth.

    My first draft of an idea would be to connect something like this to a adafruit feather

    and activate through the adafruit app. I am open to ideas though, the simpler the better.


    Where would the pointer be mounted and what control would be needed over the pointing direction?


    It would be attached to a headband or to headphones, something like this .headlamp


    I don’t have the electronics expertise but can design and print an enclosure for the controller and laser pointer components once these get specified


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    Thank you for being awesome a friend is working on a prototype. I would love your help, once we have something that works.


    Sounds good… looking forward to helping

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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