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    Injector Blocker

    Project Description

    A simple injection blocker device

    I designed this for someone that came into the UNB Fabrication Lab.
    More information to follow.




    3D Printing


    Agility / Dexterity




    <STL Link Removed>


    Attribution Noncommercial 4 0 International


    We’ve had a look at this design and decided that it is now a suitable fit for the MMC library. We’ve moved it to the resources section for informational purposes only.


    This design is intended to reduce the pain of receiving an injection by using a number of blunt contact points to saturate the sensory signals around an injection site and engaging the Gate Theory of Pain Management.

    There is a similar commercial device called the ShotBlocker(R) ( It was available in the USĀ  to consumers for about $15 through Amazon. It is only available in quantity (box of 50, box of 100; ~$0.50 USD each) by medical professionals. The ShotBlocker device is classified as a single-use Class 1 Medical device ( The ShotBlocker is also covered by at least one patent ( that is not due to expire until 2022-07-22.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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