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    Author:  @leahplomp

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    Something that can fit on my glasses to protect my eyes from above lighting without having to wear a hat.

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    #13559 check out and see if you’re interested! It’s a prototype I’ve been working on that solves this problem, I suffer from light sensitivity too!



    I am not the original poster, but looking at your prototype, your eyeglasses seem like a perfect solution to those with light sensitivity. I work with children with autism, and although they cannot tell me if something is bothering them, we do have strong suspicions that many of them suffer from light sensitivity, specifically to fluorescent lights. I would love to try a pair for my students. How much do they cost and where would I purchase it from? And, do you have them in children’s sizes as well?


    Hi! Sorry for the late reply, tomorrow is my last day of finals for this semester so I’ve been intensely busy. I would love to talk with you more through email to discuss how to make this happen. The glasses are in the prototype stage right now, but I would love to supply a batch to your students, my goal is to have them custom made each time to fit the shielding to each person’s head in a bespoke way for accurate coverage, so I would definitely be going into this with direct participation from you and your students 🙂 please email me at [email protected] , and we will work together in partnership with my prototyping center to make this happen!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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