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    Stage Complete
    Cost to Build $200CAD
    Project Need Mobility, Other
    Created By Makers Making Change
    Capabilities Needed 3D Printing, Electronics, Software, Soldering
    Time to Complete 6 print hours + 2 to 3 assembly
    Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

    The Lipsync is a mouth operated joystick that allows a person to control a computer cursor with minimal head and neck movement. All the electronics are housed in the ‘head’ of the device so there are no additional control boxes, making the LipSync a good candidate for portable, wheelchair-mounted applications. The mouthpiece is attached to a precision miniature joystick sensor that requires very slight pressure in order to move a cursor on the screen.




    I have a question maybe a MMC person can help with. Excluding 3D filament, what is the extended price of the Lipsync BOM? I know many of the items are significantly less expensive at bulk quantities (25, 100), and I’m curious how much this impacts the build cost.

    Edit: False alarm. Adding a partial answer for myself.
    So I saw the price of the springs and got excited, and asked the question above. They drop considerably in price-per-unit for building 25x lipsyncs compared to 3x ($7 vs $2 each). That also happens a bit for the force sensors ($6.10 for 3x, $4.40 for 25x), but doesn’t seem hold for most of the other components.


    Hello, I am building 2 LipSync devices for a person paralyzed in a car accident. I am having trouble procuring the medical components from Qosina and Coleparmer here in the United States. I imagine the recipient will have the same difficulty and will need a source to maintain the devices. Please provide me an alternate supplier or alternate part which is readily available to me and the recipient.

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    1 Filter PTFE Hydrophobic 17 mm, 0.2 Micron “28213”
    1 Luer Lock Fitting RK-45508-32
    1 Luer Lock Nut 45509-04
    1 Sip and Puff Mouthpiece “80102”

    Best regards,

    Bill Englert (he, him)

    Royersford, PA

    [email protected]



    I just installed a new lipsync. The joystick works normally in left right and down positions but the joystick up position  jumps the cursor to the top of the screen. is there any way to just the up speed?


    Hey @garysuydam

    The most likely cause of uneven movement is the calibration. See pg 12 of the Startup Guide or the ‘How to Calibrate Your LipSync Joystick’ video for instructions on how to re-calibrate the device.

    If you are still having issues, it’s possible that one of the sensors inside is damaged – if so, reach out to your maker or MMC.



    Hi @MMC_Jake

    I was able to perform the cursor home reset, followed by unplugging and repugning the device. When I tried to recalibrate, pushing both buttons never me a green light to Choose  the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions. I will try contacting my maker to see if he has any suggestions.





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