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    Hi all!

    Checking in here to see if anyone has successfully found a replacement for the pressure transducer and/or has been able to source the 2 parts as an individual from Qosina for the LipSync?

    , @mmc_jake, and @justin-pezzin and I were last discussing this but I can’t find the old threads using the original links, I’m guessing due to the website update (looks great!).

    I believe an alternative was found for the pressure transducer.

    If anyone has any updates or has been able to order parts and has successfully built one in the past month, let me know!


    I have secured the pressure transducers for my two builds. I’m still waiting on both ColePalmer parts, but they sent me a status reminder that they know they owe them to me. No delivery date though.
    I have searched for hours for Qosina replacements. No place will deal with me – just rejected my request for a user login on their site. I’m about to give up hope. But I just DM’ed with either Jake or Justin the other day to get my address to ship me two of each Qosina part or replacement, so I hope that’s happening.

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    @laraannegrant The alternative pressure transducer is NXP Model MPXV7002GP:
    (Looks like there is still stock in both).

    We’ve made some good progress on alternate shipping arrangements in the US and should have an update soon.


    Nice, that’s great to hear. Thanks for the updates and links.


    @laraannegrant I have ordered 6 sets of printed circuit boards for us to split, if you choose. I need two, and I ordered 4 more for you.

    Your total cost would be $48.80. Don’t know delivery date yet.

    Attached is a PDF of the order.


    I am building 2 lipsync devices and experimenting with an IBM board as well. I am also finding it difficult to purchase the Qosina and Cole Parmer parts here in the US. I would someone to help me source the parts or sell them to me directly. 3 sets of parts will do. Any help is appreciated.

    Bill Englert

    [email protected]


    I just posted a similar request in the lipsync forum. Qosina only sells to businesses. I am concerned the end-users will have trouble maintaining their devices without easy affordable access to the hard-to-get medical components.

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    1 Filter PTFE Hydrophobic 17 mm, 0.2 Micron “28213”
    1 Luer Lock Fitting RK-45508-32
    1 Luer Lock Nut 45509-04
    1 Sip and Puff Mouthpiece “80102”

    There are 13 mm and 22 mm hydrophobic filters available on e-bay and amazon. If anyone has info on substitutes or a better supplier, please include me in the response.



    Bill Englert (he,him)

    Royersford, PA

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