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    Last fall, we started overhauling the design of the LipSync to incorporate user feedback and address some limitations to the original hardware (like those pesky, expensive, drift-inducing FSRs). Our main goal was to make the device easier to use and more reliable – primarily reducing the force required to move the mouthpiece and making the movement more reliable.

    We created a custom joystick based on a 3D Magnetic Hall Effect sensor. This design enabled us to reduce the amount of force required to operate the joystick from about 200 grams force with the original LipSync down to 20 grams force.

    The design uses several commercially available STEMMA QT modules in addition to custom printed circuit boards (PCBs). This approach provides the ability to use surface mount sensors without having to solder them – the modules are connected with cables.

    The design is currently a fully functional prototype that has been tested with a group of 5 users. We are in the process of incorporating the user feedback to finalize the code and the enclosure for the design.


    The design is hosted on GitHub. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or are interested in testing the finalized version, reach out and contact us here.

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