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    Hi there! 

    My name is Amanda, and I am also posting this on behalf of my team members Anupa and Kelsi. We are a student group from Mount Royal University, all majors in Physical Literacy, and working towards a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education. 

    Our idea: We want to create a sensor-activated mechanism for school lockers to help people with motor/dexterity issues, strength limitations, and/or visual impairments to open a school locker easier. We are trying to come up with a solution that is more cost-effective (we have found sensor/bluetooth activated locks on the market, but they are very expensive). 

    Ideally we would have a sensor component – with a paired device (fob or watch) that would open a lock mechanism when brought within close proximity. As a group we have limited knowledge regarding the design and construction of electrical/mechanical components so any advice related to the technical aspects of our project is welcomed.

    We want to know:

    • Do you think there is a need for this kind of device?

    • Do traditional lockers present a barrier to you?

    • What factors should we consider to maximize the accessibility of this device?

    Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

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