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    Low cost phone mount

    Project Idea:
    I know that specifying surplus parts is always a problem for maker projects: what some folks can get easily and cheaply may be completely impossible for others to find. This project started as a cheap way for me to tripod-mount a cellphone. With a little more work, it could provide a very cheap (~ $8 CAD) and reasonably robust phone mount.

    There are many inexpensive surplus car vent phone adapters. I picked up an “Aduro Products Swivel Clip Luxe” for about $7. It has a clip that fits into the car vent, and on the end is a ball joint. I 3d printed a ball joint and a mount for a ¼” T-nut, and with rather a lot of superglue made this phone mount:

    It could definitely use a bit more work to increase the strength and reduce the reliance on just glue to hold it together. It’s fairly rigid, and I’ve used it for a few photo setups around the office. The ball joint allows quite a range of movement and holds surprisingly well.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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