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    **Project Idea:**
    I am one of the Engineering interns at MMC and am currently working on developing a low-profile switch for our library. Looking at switches like the MMC60 and Interact switch on the library they are not ideal for individuals that cannot lift their hand to the height required to activate the switch. The Open Rocker switch is a lower profile switch but has two outputs. Combining these ideas and recognizing the gap in the library from user feedback we have begun pursuing a low profile switch design.

    **Design Requirements:**
    – 40-60 mm activation area
    – Lower profile than switches in the library (under 24 mm)
    – Activation force comparable or lower than Interact Switch.
    – Ease of Maker manufacturability (i.e. accessible parts, no complex fabrication such as laser cutting, easy 3D print design, etc)

    **Support Needed from Community:**
    I am mainly looking for user input at this point. So if you or any individuals you know use switches it would be great to have their perspective on this design. Specifically around mounting, activation area, height requirements, customization for switch buttons. If you want to connect through this forum post that would be great, alternatively you can email me at [email protected]

    If you have a design for a low profile switch it would also be great to collaborate! There are limited DIY solutions for this but we did find this [switch](

    There are also commercial options that have a lower height than our interact and MMC60 switch on the library such as:

    [Pal plate switch](

    [button click switch]( )

    [gumball switch]( )

    I also just wanted to tag @ChapterLeaders in case any of you could give feedback on this or had any connections for potential users

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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