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    Every month at 10 am PST, our MMC staff will host an introduction session to introduce Makers Making Change. If you know any makers, people with disabilities, disability professionals or just people who like to volunteer and help charitable causes, please share this event!
    ![MakersMakingChange_Logo|690×217, 50%](upload://z7nwFepPxUFTizGLN6BGAvyWEsP.png)
    ![devicelibrary-process|690×166, 75%](upload://Afa7VES78G8XGQwE2hn4cKWMpp2.png) ![vadimgozhda181200338|450×300](upload://6ZTAPGzjRF3ckPJI0prfYUpJqOH.jpeg)

    **June 25**

    **July 30**

    **August 27**

    **September 24**

    **October 29**

    **Find out more at

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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