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    We’ve had a couple of requests for morse input controllers. While I’m a ham radio operator and nominally know something about keying systems, I don’t know the conventions used in morse input for assistive technology.

    A really good open-source platform for morse keying is Anthony ‘K3NG’ Good’s [Arduino CW Keyer](https://blog.radioartisan.com/arduino-cw-keyer/) platform. I’ve used it for some years and it’s very stable. It’s also got lots of options:

    * can use almost any type of switch for single key (*straight key*) or dual key (*iambic*, or *paddle*) input

    * lots of ways to vary the input speed

    * can operate as a USB keyboard if you use an Arduino Leonardo or Micro (as used in the LipSync)

    I’d be interested to hear if other people have better options.


    Jim Lubin has pulled together a number of relevant resources here for using Morse Code for computer access / AAC:

    Jim is a member of the ATMakers Facebook group and uses a sip and puff switch with a (no longer available) AdapTek Interface Adap2U Adaptive Input Interface System to access and control a computer with Morse Code. I think ATMakers was working on a new device for Jim, but unsure of its status:https://github.com/ATMakersOrg/AirTalker

    has developed a Morse Code library called EasyMorse (https://github.com/milador/EasyMorse) that is used by the FAIO Sip and Puff switch he designed (https://github.com/milador/FAIO_Sip-And-Puff).

    The other open source Morse controller project I am aware of is Morse2Go, which is a Morse-to-speech device. It looks like development stalled some time ago.
    Github: https://github.com/morse2go/morse2go
    Site: https://www.morse2go.org/ (Now defunct)
    Wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20180419181040/https://morse2go.org/


    Ooh, thanks! Those are great resources. First detail that strikes me is that the AT community has extended morse for keyboard/mouse events while radio users have stuck with a very small alphabet with an emphasis on speed and simplicity.


    I have created the bluetooth version of EasyMorse (EasyMorseBlue) library for arduino compatible boards with on board Bluefruit bluetooth module.

    [EasyMorseBlue morse code library](https://github.com/milador/EasyMorseBlue)

    It also comes with helper functions to easily send mouse and keyboard HID commands.


    EasyMorse is now part of Arduino library Manager and can be installed with push of a button!

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