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    Author: @Zeek
    Description of Idea:
    User @michellebrown721 my daughter is 3 years old and just learning to use switches. Her main access point is her head, so we would like a mount we can use to place the switch by her head in her medical stroller and activity chair.![chair|374×500](upload://k1pd5yTW2q7Cflgcivq6GR9pVGr.jpeg) ![switch|374×500](upload://pTZOBMOvLqy8mD3MfVopxDhD1lF.jpeg)

    MMC Entry I.D: 6284


    I’ve spoken to this user on the phone and they need a switch like the interact. Wil include photos for context once I get permission

    Update: Contacted ATmaker fb group to see if anyone can help. Will try Enable as well


    This is Aubrey’s mom :). She’s actually improved on using her hands to access switches more recently. So switch and mount that could be adjusted between both head and hands would be wonderful. Thank you!


    FYI, this is the headrest mount I use for my daughter (we actually use two–one on each side).

    Another mounting option that works well with the Interact switch is these velcro straps: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001E1Y5O6
    The four slots on the switch’s base were actually sized with these straps in mind. We’ve used them to strap the switch to her armrests, bed rails, and all sorts of other places.


    That clip looks perfect! We actually just got a different headrest for her chair, so that would work really well


    @michellebrown721, hello! I am a student from high school robotics team Roaring Riptide down in Gainesville, FL. We’d love to help out with this :). What type of stroller does she have (Model number, brand, etc)? How much would you like to be able to customize it? We look forwards to hearing from you.


    Hi Caroline! They actually have our location incorrect. We are in California, not Florida, if that effects your decision. We were hoping for something with a bendable/ flexible mount so that the button could be used in multiple locations (ie. by her head or with her hand). The button would mostly be used on her Rifton activity chair, and if possible to be moved, her Hoggi Bingo medical stroller.


    Hi! Your location in no way affects our decision – we’re happy to help! Thank you for the information.


    Hello! We have a few more questions: What type of Hoggi Bingo stroller does she have? Does she have a color preference? Thanks! šŸ™‚


    Iā€™m so sorry. I totally missed your messages. She has the Hoggi Bingo Medical stroller (Hoggi is the brand). Her stroller is pink and black, so maybe black adjustable arm and purple button?


    All good! That sounds great, thanks.

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