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    I’m looking for a device that would help my brother-in-law sign documents with an ink pen using his mouth. He is newly paralyzed from the neck down. He needs to stay in a reclined position most of the time, so the devices that attach a writing implement to the end of a traditional (long) mouthstick won’t work. I’m looking for basically just the mouthstick mouth part with a connector that is the right size/shape to hold a pen steady.


    Hi there,

    I have a few ideas in my head but the most simple one is this. Using a standard mouth stick off the internet you can cut off a good portion of the actual stick to the length you like and then you could attach a connector that looks like this one I’ve drawn up. I drew this as I am away from my main PC but I would be happy to 3d model and generate a print for you. The grub screws/set screws are so you can put a pen or mouth stick of different sizes into the connector and then you tighten the screw until it holds the shaft securely. These would probably be best as thumb screws so it can be set up by a helper with no tools. It would likely be easier to use a preexisting mouth stick for its piece as it is safe to put in the mouth. There are cheaper alternatives for the mouth piece on some stores but I am not the right person to recommend any particular one.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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