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    I’m a quadriplegic and I’m looking for a solution to help me play better on my Xbox. I have no mobility below the chest. I can move my arms/wrist, but I can no longer use my fingers. I also have some limited mobility in my neck as I have implants in my spine.

    I play most games with the help of th the XAC and the xbox controller on copilot. My problems are games that require the use of two thumbsticks, usually FPSs. I am unable to use two thumbsticks at the same time while simultaneously pressing buttons for shooting.

    My question is would the LipSync gaming work for me? How hard is the setup for it or can I just plug and play? I saw the user guide and the calibration seems easy enough, but I don’t know if I’ll be be able to do the firmware installation as I do not have a PC readily available.

    Any help is appreciated :blush:


    Hi  @magton513. The LipSync gaming is a pretty good fit for use with the XAC, but not sure if it can solve a dual joystick situation.  @MMC_Milad any thoughts on this one?


    I’m currently using my right hand on the xbox controller RIGHT thumbstick(copilot) for movement. I wanted to use the lipsync gaming to control the LEFT thumbstick (via XAC). This would free up my left hand for just buttons. Sorry if I wasn’t too clear in my initial post😀


    Aha, in that case I think it may be a good solution, thanks for the clarification. I’ll run a test setup in the next few days here just to confirm. I’ll let you know how it works out.


    Much appreciated. I’ll look forward to it :smiley:


    Had a few minutes between things so I plugged things in and fired up Rocket League for a super quick test. Left joystick controls direction, right joystick looks around by default in RL.

    • Setup XAC in copilot mode
    • plugged the LipSync Gaming into the Right USB input on XAC
    • Fired up RL
    • Started driving around with standard controller using Left Joystick
    • Was able to simultaneously look around using the LipSync Gaming for the Right joystick

    So it works, plug and play. For your setup should just need to plug LipSync into the Left USB slot on XAC and you’ll be good to go.


    Hi  @magton513,

    You should be able to plug the LipSync to the Left USB port of XAC and it will act as LEFT thumbstick. You can use another joystick through Right USB port for RIGHT thumbstick.

    You may want to use external power source to power XAC if you are using LipSync and a joystick.

    LipSync has Sip and puff actions which you can set to SHIFT action which you can set to make each switch be able to perform 2 actions if needed.

    I hope this helps.


    I appreciate all the additional information :grinning:

    I just have one more question. Does the ordered device require any additional setup or can I just plug it in straight away? Thanks again!


    It will be fully assembled and ready to use. It does require a calibration before using, but that is just a process and the user guide walks you through it.


    It says that the XAC will require an external power supply. Would a power bank be enough? Also i can’t seem to find the option to buy a prebuilt device, is it still available :thinking:?


    The XAC does have an internal battery that lasts for a decent amount of time, but will need to be plugged into recharge. When you plug in the LipSync it will also use power from the XAC so will shorten battery run time for the XAC without a plugin. I’m not sure about the power bank,  @MMC_Milad any thoughts on this one.


    @magton513 The USB can provide a maximum current of 0.5A and the typical currents drawn by power banks are 0.5 A to 1 A. The AC Adapter can provide 2.5A. So You want to use AC Adapter port for hungry power devices or multiple devices that take average amount of power.

    I think 0.5A should be enough for most setups with LipSync and you need AC Adapter if your RIGHT thumbstick draws lots of power.

    You can simply connect it to a phone charger or a PC to see if it gets enough power. Otherwise you want to use AC Adapter which provides 2.5A. Hope this helps.

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