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    Author: @akobs

    Description of Idea:
    I work with a Kindergarten student who has Arthrogryposis and has very limited use of his upper extremities. We just got him a mouthstick, so he would quit using his nose to access the screen. He loves it! Now we need a holder to sit on his table so he can set the mouthstick in it so it is not laying on the dirty table and he can have a break from holding it in his mouth all the time. Here is a link to a picture of what we would like. It says it was 3D printed.
    Thank you!

    ![3D Printed Mouthstick Holder|472×500, 50%](upload://e3eXxKzSJ4LlkXtyWcAh3o5m4cV.jpeg)
    MMC Entry I.D: 6538


    I wanted to provide an update – I have this modeled and will be printing this weekend to see how it functions. Please see below – If anyone is interested in trying to print them themselves I am attaching the STL files. Fusion file can be made available upon request. ![MSH 1|639×500](upload://i3APtp7WDc5RAj3K3wmK6S87x2z.jpeg) [MSH base.stl|attachment](upload://qlEtsikNtuHW1acvLjM7P9Ol4iR.stl) (104.6 KB) [MSH holder.stl|attachment](upload://r7MKBFJ9cdDtViiq5QyA17Mq4Kd.stl) (426.4 KB) [MSH top.stl|attachment](upload://dvqzemQuTfZEQraNbP3oib0jPCA.stl) (84.7 KB)


    I have a prototype of this device, and it works pretty well. A couple of tweaks to tolerances are necessary.

    I am happy to fix these items and send the prototype to the requester – can you help put me in contact with them @Makers_Making_Change ?

    ![MSH B|527×500](upload://iQmrP2A7QiuA9QGwdz4yasGSgAH.jpeg) ![MSH A|414×500](upload://hIZlvC2GJ2Mr74pyZF3R1uYwWjv.jpeg)


    Great work, @noamplatt. I’ve sent a message via email to the original requestor to get them connected.


    Oh thank you SO much! That looks amazing! 🙂 I am completely new here, so just let me know what you need to know. My only request would be for it not to be pink since it’s for a 6 year old boy! With his spunky personality, I’m sure he would have something to say about that! Lol! 🙂


    @akobs – Nice to meet you! We can absolutely print this in a different color, I have white and orange on hand, but am happy to get some filament in his favorite color – let me know!

    I am sure once you get the device you will have some feedback and some tweaks, and that is part of the process.
    But from an initial look –
    do you think the tube is sized appropriately? the photos do not do a great job of showing the scale, but the base is 4″x6″, and the tube opening is about 1″ wide, and the tube is 4.5″ deep. Let me know if you think those dimensions need to be changed.
    Would you prefer a screw-less version? Or one with an open weight tray area? The design above is very simple (and effective) – we can also get a lot more elaborate, totally up to you!

    Click on my user name and send me a message with your address, and maybe send a photo of the matchstick your son is using, and I will print a different-colored prototype and send off for your testing.

    Thanks so much!


    @akobs – Hey had a quick question. I am also producing these freestanding mouthstick holders for my friend Kim in California, and we were discussing having a feature on the base of the mouthstick holder that would allow the user to reposition the holder using thier mouthstick on the table surface. Almost like a plastic ‘loop’ or ‘hook’. Do you think that would be a useful feature?

    MMC Nola


    Sure, that might be handy. Do you have a picture of what it looks like?



    @akobs Something like this – close to the center of gravity of the device. What do you think about the positioning? Perhaps we could mount to the side of the device or closer to a corner – ![image (2)|476×500](upload://kR8D9dkAo5Rv6316qDPAqyF9qaY.jpeg) ![image (1)|531×500](upload://nD3EgwjcDUoAS773xr5K8r5Wlmv.jpeg)


    Yes, I definitely think this could be helpful for allowing him more independence. Location is a good question though….maybe closer to the corner???? I’m not really sure where it would work best so put it where you think it might work best and we will totally try it out! 🙂

    Thanks so much,


    Ok, my friend kim suggested this layout, i got the green filament today so I will have these printed in about a week –


    That looks great to me! We can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

    Thanks again for everything! You have made this whole process such a great experience!


    It’s great to see the request and a need being met using this forum. Actually, I noticed that the picture of the original version is actually one made for the Assistive Technology department at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis. One of our volunteer engineers designed and printed it up several years ago. Unfortunately lost contact with him. However, I decided to print up my own version. This one does not require any screws or hardware. Same concept here, where you place objects into the box to weight it down, then slide the box lid to close it up. The adjustable knob works well allowing the desired angle. Here is the link on Thingiverse if anyone wants to print one up – https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4852006

    ![side by side comparison mouthstick holder|435×500](upload://5JdXWHIEH2m2IGUUk7phjEma2lc.jpeg)
    ![mouthstick holder final2|690×475](upload://wkhLVASTfys3knQNBIMOgzUIvCC.jpeg)


    @matthewhite – This is amazing, thank you for posting. I am in the middle of making a number of the older version, and I will make a couple of these to send to the 2 requesters as well. What do you think about the addition of a front ‘ring’ to allow for easier manipulation with a mouthstick?

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