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    Below is Myriah’s Project submission for the Makey Makey Contest. This thread will be used to develop this project during the Makey Makey course Dec 3- Jan 26 2021.
    Please feel free to reply to this thread to post progress, to ask questions, or to add input, ideas or suggestions!


    I’m so excited to see someone else within our LIU entered this contest and was selected! I love this idea! There definitely is a need for more use of assistive technology in our MDS and deaf/blind classrooms.


    Loved your idea. The size of the X and O are great for kids with vision challenges as well as motor control challenges. Thanks for the ideas.


    This looks like a great idea! You could also build a better book to make books more accessible for your visually impaired students. Check out this webinar we did last year with this Colorado based program: https://makeymakey.com/blogs/blog/build-a-better-book-webinar-may-14th-at-12-pm-cst


    @mlfarmer How are things going so far with this? Need any assistance? 🙂


    Thanks! I really love the tweet below with the “Hungry Caterpillar” activity!


    I was able to get the Makey Makey to work with a Nascar stop and go! I ended up putting glue on both visuals before I completed the activity. But I’m open to other suggestions for conductive materials that may work better!


    Where did you put the glue? Can you post a pic?


    I just put the glue all over the entire visual. BUT thinking more recently, I don’t really like that I have to put glue on the visual and make the students hands sticky. I also forgot that this student is working on more of a picture exchange format anyways. So, I’ve really just been having the student touch or hand me the picture while I wear the conductive bracelet. As soon as he hands me the picture, I make sure to touch the alligator clip. I’ve been using tarheel game player! Thanks for that recommendation during the training!


    Would love to see it in action on the 11th if you can come!


    Hi Myriah thanks for your video!!
    I can see what’s going on here with the challenges you are having

    1. the reason themakey makey sometimes doesn’t work to turn on and off is because your bracelet is a bit loose. It needs to be tied tight against your skin. I can see its a bit loose in the video-that’s prob what it is.
    2. the cardboard isn’t conductive. To make this conductive so it works better(instead of you touching the clips everytime your student hands you the No card) you could try some of the following ideas:

    * you could attached tinfoil or aluminum tape on the bottom of the No card (make sure the clip attaches/touch this because that whats conductive)and have tinfoil or something conductive in your own hand or a plate, so when he passes you the No card(or places it on the plate) the circuit connection is completed. You’d need to have an alligator clip attached to the plate or conductive object in your hand and the other end connected to the makey makey to trigger the space bar to play the video again. with this you could even code so that theres a Yes plate and a No plate he has to match up, that wont work(ie trigger the video) unless he places the NO card on the NO plate. I am guessing I could figure out pretty easily how to code that in scratch like x+x= space bar(sound/video on tarheel) y +y=click(sound/video on tarheel) but x+y wouldn’t work neither would y+x to make a sound/video response(meaning he put the YEs card on the No plate for example the answer would be wrong.) @gravescolleen do you have any resources on something like this? I was starting to draw it out but I don’t have time before our meeting!

    *He could wear the conductive bracelet which would trigger the action if he lifted the “No card” This will only work if you put aluminum foil/tape all over the card and attached the alligator clip to any part that has the aluminum foil/tape then to the space bar

    * You could also paint the No card in conductive paint. or cover the whole No card in aluminum tape or tinfoil then write NO on it in marker. This would trigger the space bar press if he touched the No card(rather than having to pass it to you)

    * Another idea is to use playdoh in 2 contrasting colors. Playdoh is conductive, so if you use a background color then wrote NO in another color and pressed the letters for NO into the playdough and plugged the alligator clips INTO the playdoh this would also act as a switch he could press

    All the above are mostly addressing the conductive issues, but I think there’s a bit more variables here since there are 2 choices so there might be some more coding required or a better app than tarheel that would work better because you need a way for the program to know if he’s choosing the right answer or not and then give a response that reflects his answer(to indicate whether hes right or wrong)


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