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    This idea came from a published author and user of MMC devices, Brenda. She has created a list of potential ideas for devices. This post describes one of the device ideas:

    **Project Idea:**
    The goal of this device is to aid in applying nail polish to the user’s fingernails. This device would be intended to be used by individuals who struggle with shakiness, limited hand mobility, limited pinch grip strength. Being able to take off the cap, apply the nail polish, and place the cap back on would be important features of the device.

    Possibly a modified [palm pen holder](https://makersmakingchange.com/project/palm-pen-holder/) would be a good solution for this.

    There is a commercial device called a [Poppy](https://oliveandjune.com/products/the-poppy) that claims it makes it easier to put on nail polish. But this device also includes a pinch grip that may be difficult for some. But this idea could be used and modified. See the Poppy in Figure 2.

    **Support needed:**
    We are looking for a designer/maker to develop this device. Brenda is open for contact for any feedback or details but currently is not on the forum, so feel free to reach out in the comments to be put in contact.

    **Figure 1:**


    **Figure 2:**


    This design is a loose combination of the paint tube opener and the parametric finger pen holder. I put together a file in Fusion and tried it out. The first iteration had too small an opening to hold the brush well, so the second iteration (shown below) featured a larger diameter circle at the front, and for the circle to be open ended to allow it to flex and grip the brush/lid better.

    The general Idea is that the long flat section can be used like a pair of pliers to open the container, then the brush/lid can be pushed into the open circle protruding out the front. To hold while applying the polish, either a finger can be put through the central hole, or it can be held using the long flat section as a handle, possibly worn like the palm pen holder as well. The parameters to modify for person to person would be the circle diameters to account for finger size and lid size of the nail polish bottle.

    A further possible addition to this would be adhering some material with increased grip to the inner surface of the flat sections, or adding some texture/teeth, to help open to container. This device, possibly with small modifications, would likely work well for the mascara and lipstick applicators as well.

    ![modified pen holder|682×421](upload://z9bhBgkOwwCJUjaNVoM2XrTgsK5.png)


    If slipped my mind before, but here is the fusion file as well. The diameters, as well as the length, can be changed through parameters. I also added fillets to most edges.

    [modified pen holder v2.f3d|attachment](upload://sT83OCJEE9qBTf3Va4EuEmM2ndj.f3d) (354.3 KB)


    @MMC_Tyler – do you want to share this with Brenda to get some feedback?


    Yes I will reach out to her! Also I know Brenda may not be available at the moment due to external circumstances so if we have anyone else in mind that would like to test this that would be great too!


    @smoyer @MMC_Jake

    @MMC_Shanelle is going to print the prototype in the coming weeks and Brenda will trial the device and give any feedback

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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