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    Hello all!
    We are getting this chapter in New Orleans started and have some exciting partnerships in the works! Please post here to keep in touch!

    * Who are you and where are you based out of?

    Hi I am Noam Platt, I am a Healthcare Architect based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

    * What do you do, what are your passions and why did you decided to become an MMC Leader?

    As a Healthcare Architect, I work with health systems to plan, design, and build new facilities. Part of my professional duties is to integrate the latest research into new healthcare construction. I also have been involved in the disability community for many years, starting in high school at Camp Dream Street, and then attending TOM events in the past few years. At these TOM Make-a-thons I saw the power of true interdisciplinary teams to affect real change given the chance to work together. In New Orleans, there is a huge need to assistive technology, and there are few resources in the area for people to turn to that need these often simple solutions. I saw an opportunity to leverage the local makers community and the healthcare systems I work with professionally to build a strong community.

    * What are you hoping to get out of the experience of being an MMC Leader?

    I want to learn more about how to build a durable and affective community to address the needs of those around us. I am hoping that this chapter becomes self-sustaining with the integration of local health systems and other partner organizations. Additionally, sharing the important work that MMC does with the general public will raise awareness generally for the disability and maker community.

    * What are you interested to know about other Chapter Leaders?

    I am interested to know what are the most important steps they took early in their chapter formation that had the biggest affect on the organization. What specific groups turned out to be very helpful? How do you keep members engaged day-to-day? What was the most effective use of your time early on in the chapter formation?

    Any other tips, advise, or well-wishes would be extremely helpful to me! Thank you all for your help and support and I look forward to speaking with other chapter leaders soon.



    Welcome new members of the New Orleans Chapter! Feel free to introduce yourself below. Please include your name, organization, role (need-knower, disability professional, maker, etc) and any other fun facts we should know!

    Name: Noam Platt
    Organization: MMC Chapter head
    Role: Chapter leader and maker
    Fun Fact: I love fencing, which is a great sport for Assistive tech!


    Hello Noam!

    This is very exciting indeed!

    I am Jen Lyman. First and foremost, I am a parent of a 16 year old with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and visual impairment. He is an awesome kid who is into a variety of adaptive sports and recreation activities. My background is both as a Recreation Therapist (MSRS) in a variety of settings (in-patient, out-patient, and community) and a Case Manager for children 3-18 with significant disabilities. I now coordinate the Cerebral Palsy Collaborative, a coalition of National Cerebral Palsy research, education, advocacy and support organizations, and work for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation as a resource and health educator. I am excited to work on creating adaptive recreational equipment as well as equipment to fill major functional gaps.

    Fun Fact: We have golden retriever pup (7month old) who is learning to be a service dog. His name is Everest.


    Thanks for posting Jen! We are looking forward to working with you! and thank you for the important advocacy work you already undertake.


    Hello New Orleans Chapter! My name is James and I co-own an architectural design firm called CICADA, currently located Uptown. Noam recently introduced me to MMC and our firm is excited to support, help, and learn from everyone involved! :grinning:

    Copy/paste firm info: CICADA provides tech-forward, tailored architectural design solutions to developers, business owners, and design-conscious homeowners, utilizing technology to provide the most efficient, unique projects imaginable.

    In addition, we offer ancillary design and technology services to support the work of—and co-create alongside—artists, architects, and designers. Our inspiration is twofold: 1 // collaborating with other designers and community members, and 2 // creating a paradigm shift within design thinking and the architectural process.

    **Name:** James Catalano
    **Organization:** CICADA
    **Role:** Owner, Architectural Designer
    **Fun Fact:** my wife and I live in a historic shotgun built in the 1850’s! We also have a rescue pup named Pepper.


    Welcome James! So glad to meet you and happy to have you a part of our community!


    Hi Jennifer-welcome to our forum! Excited to help you and your child with some design challenges-Noam and James are awesome. You are in good hands!

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