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    Hi all, I’m an OT, and I work with a  7 year old with partial  hand paralysis.  He can use his nintendo switch joy con stick toggles, but not the small buttons that allow him to jump and shoot (I think – I’m not a player myself!).

    Can someone design an adaptation to allow for larger button access for these functions that would clip right onto his Switch?

    Can it be done?




    Hi! We created a design that might work and were wondering what you thought of it. Here is it in a sketch and also drawn in Autodesk. One part covers over one button, so you would need one for each button (4). 

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    Hi Merillea

    There are some existing designs.

    would either of these work for your client?

    I am happy to help with printing out some prototypes.



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    Thanks so much for your reply – I’m sorry I’m late in responding.  I am having a hard time picturing how all 4 button adaptations ( or all 8 buttons if you adapt both joy cons) would fit onto the controller?   Could I see a simple sketch? I like the prototype, as it seems like very little effort would be needed to push the buttons.  He needs something that responds to a very light touch.



    Thanks Mimi for your reply, I’m sorry I’m so late in responding.  I think this model might work, but what I can’t tell is how much effort it would take to push the buttons.   This child has a very light touch – he likely needs the advantage of a lever design to push the buttons.

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