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    One-Handed PS5 Controller Modification

    Right hand holding PlayStation 5 controller with controller adaptation


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    This inexpensive 3D printed PS5 controller modification will allow for the user to operate their DualSense Wireless controller with one hand. This controller adaptation makes it easier for someone who may have a difficult time holding a controller with both hands, or has greater dexterity with one hand than the other.


    Note that the PS5 controllers can be used on PC based gaming

    Platforms: Playstation 5, PC, Playstation 4 (to use this PS5 controller with a PS4 follow the following video)

    Controllers: DualSense Controller


    This controller adaptation allows for the user to operate their PS5 controller with only one hand.   For a left handed controller, the right joystick is used by moving the whole controller.   By moving the controller, the 3D printed parts enable the joystick to move simultaneously. In addition, the right shoulder buttons are migrated to the left side so all four shoulder buttons can be used with the index finger. Similarly, four 3D printed arms are used to allow the user to press the square, triangle, circle, and X buttons from the left side.

    There are two different attachments for the bottom of the controller shown below that can be used depending on whether the user chooses to strap the controller to their leg (right),  or can rest it on their lap or a surface of their choice (left).

    The PS5 DualSense controller is symmetrical, so this controller can be printed for either hand by mirroring the parts using your 3d printer slicer. On the right handed version, the four arms will alternatively be used to press down on the four arrow keys.

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