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    We have a few different projects under development, and would like to get a bit broader feedback on the printability of different designs. We’d like to get some people with different models of 3D printers to do a test print and provide feedback.

    At MMC, we primarily use a couple different models of printers:

    • Prusa i3Mk3S
    • Ender Creality 3

    We also have a few Flashforge Creator Pro’s but these are not as accessible with most of our team working remotely.

    If you have a printer other than the two listed above and are willing to do some test prints and provide feedback, please get in touch. We’re looking primarily at a few updates to the LipSync in the short term, but this could become a continuing request.

    Edit: Ender Creality, not Ender Creator


    @MMC_Jake, thanks for thinking about printability. I have an Artillery Sidewinder X1.

    I also see STL files offered on Thingiverse that are provided in an un-printable orientation. Granted, the file can be rotated in a slicer but why make everyone downloading your design rotate it before printing rather than do it once, yourself, before posting? Similarly, STLs are sometimes provided as collections of parts. Not everyone knows how to (or even can, depending on their slicer) separate an STL into its parts and discard the ones they don’t need to reprint.


    I have an Ender3 at home, and at my makerspace have access to another one, plus a Prusa Mini, FuseMatic (old), FolgerTech FT5 and FolgerTech FT6. I can’t imagine the FuseMatic or the FT6 would be useful, but I would be able to help with 3D print testing.


    Thanks @KenHackbarth – I think the Artillery Sidewinder X1 would be a good data point.

    With regards to STL orientation, we’ve been making a conscious effort to ensure any new projects have the stl oriented in the desired print orientation, to avoid the need for the maker to try and figure out what it should be. We’ve been working through older projects on an ad-hoc basis, so if you come across something, let us know and we’ll update it.

    Some designs have a set of components for a given build as one stl for convenience (or a 3mf file, which has its own set of limitations). These are generally targeted to be compatible with most print bed sizes. I believe in most cases the individual stl files are included as well, but I’ve made a note to confirm.

    Our thinking on this has continued to evolve and we are in the middle of developing some templates / guidelines to make it consistent across projects. There will be another opportunity when the templates are released, but would be happy for any other feedback in the mean time.


    Hey all,

    I’ve got an Ultimaker S3 and an older Makerbot Replicator 2, as well as access to an Ultimaker S5. I’ve printed the LipSync parts with no problem and would be happy to test out some other prints.

    I have primarily been using Cura with the Ultimaker printers, but recently switched back to Simplify3D to accomplish a more complicated design with dual-extrusion that Cura was overcomplicating a bit.

    Let me know what I can do!


    I have a Creality CR10-S, and would be happy to help!


    @MMC_Jake I have a Tinkerine DittoPro 3D Printer at home and would be happy to help, if you’re looking for more testers!!


    HI @MMC_Jake,

    I am using Creality Ender3 at my place. Let me know if i could do something for this.


    I have access to a Qidi XMAX via my University that I can use for test prints. (I also have an Ender3 at home).


    I just sent up an Ender 3 v2 – I can help with tests.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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