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    The Xbox Adaptive Controller is great, but finding compatible joysticks to control the left and right stick can be challenging. We have recently started a new AT Joysticks project with the goal of creating a line of modular joysticks that are HID compatible for people who are unable to find a suitable joystick.

    We will provide a cost-effective, Open Source, customizable joystick; or lineup of joysticks using easy to source components.  Unlike commercial versions, these devices will be designed for Maker assembly with all the digital files necessary to customize key components. These devices will be primarily focused on gaming applications, but mouse output will be considered as well. Lastly, a high quality resource will be produced to help provide guidance for a User to be successful in a “self-serve” approach to joystick customization and selection.

    We are currently wrapping up the research phase and are transitioning on to the design phase. The key components being prototyped around are 3.5mm TRRS cables, simple OTS thumbsticks and joysticks, and microcontrollers. 3D printed cases will be designed for each OTS component, along with a range of toppers to choose from.


    Let us know what you would like to see in a joystick, or what commercial joystick you use and what you like about it!

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