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    We feel that one of the keys to success of Open Assistive Technology is making sure that all the information and files – the know-how – to build, use, and improve upon a design is complete, comprehensive, properly licensed, and published. Documentation may not be the most exciting part of completing a project, but it is critically important. To make the process of publishing the know-how for a project a bit easier, we have been developing an OpenAT project template – a set of folders for collecting all the design files, build files, photos, and supporting documentation for a project. The template also includes individual templates for the various documentation files (e.g., Assembly Guide, User Guide). These templates incorporate best practices from the Open Source Hardware Association and the Open Know-How Specifications and will also include an Open Know-How manifest file. The template is hosted on GitHub as a template repository – you can create a new repository using the template or just download the files directly.


    We’re very interested in getting feedback on these templates, especially around ideas for simplifying and streamlining the documentation process. Please have a look at the templates on GitHub (

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