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    ## PAMS Camera Quick Clamp

    The Camera Quick Clamp is an 3D printed adapter for attaching an assistive device to a section of 1/2 inch PVC piping. The clamp has a ¼”- 20 UNC camera thread stud that is compatible with various assistive devices and/or camera mount adapters. The clamp can easily be installed, adjusted, and removed by hand. The Camera Quick Clamp is part of the PVC Assistive Mounting System (PAMS).

    The PVC Assistive Mounting System 3 is a collection of readily available commercial-off-the-shelf components and 3D printed components that can be assembled into various configurations to provide mounting solutions for assistive technology.

    All of the files and the documentation can be found using the GitHub links below.



    Project Need

    • Agility / Dexterity
    • Mobility

    Created by

    Capabilities Needed

    3D Printing

    Time to Complete

    3D Print: 3 hr10 min; Assembly: 10 min

    Cost to Build


    Creative Commons License










    Github Repositor

    Assembly Guide v0.1 

    User Guide v0.1

    3D Print File

    Project Page

    Project Page


    Hey @fawzan.fsl would you be interested in printing up a 3-5 of these, and trying out the assembly and fit on a piece of PVC pipe? Curious if other people can make these, as I think will be doing a bit of a push on these in the New Year, so you’ll be my “trail blazer”!


    Hi @MMC_Chad, I would be interested in 3D Printing 3-5 of the camera clamps. I will let you know how it goes!


    The design could use some adjustment to accommodate different tolerances between printers, so in the meantime these tend to work best with a bit of a shim between the clamp and the tubing. Any sort of thin flexible material will work.

    One option that works really well is a section of bicycle inner tube. A 700 size tube matches the 1/2″ PVC really well.


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