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    Stage Prototype
    Project Need Agility / Dexterity, Pain
    Created By Stewart Russell
    Capabilities Needed 3D Printing
    Time to Complete 3.5h
    Cost to Build $0.20 filament + $2.75 hardware
    Creative Commons License attribution-sharealike-4-0-international


    This is a customizable (parametric) version of the Makers Making Change Pen Ball Holder 10, a 3D printable writing aid. The pen ball makes it easier to grip a pen, pencil, or other writing utensil and may be useful for someone who has difficulty holding a pen or pencil directly. The diameter of the ball and the writing utensil diameter can be customized to fit the user.


    A pen or pencil is inserted through the pen ball and is fixed in place by tightening a screw. The ball is held in the hand to make it easier to write.


    The design is parametric, which means that the size of the ball the size of the pen it fits can be modified by changing numbers in OpenSCAD.


    We had a requester suggest modify the pen ball for smart board pens. I have attached the adjusted design. [pen ball smartboardPen_Ball_Bottom_v_1_0_0.stl|attachment](upload://qXy53MvXlwQNF3CfYp9EI7i2QwF.stl) (419.1 KB) [pen ball smartboardPen_Ball_Top_v_1_0_0.stl|attachment](upload://iSFi38d22fehQpYhTUqq8uDoy0g.stl) (424.1 KB)


    I’ve made an assembly video:

    (Project link:

    I couldn’t have made this video without the [C-Clamp Threaded Adapter]( and the [Low cost phone mount]( to hold my phone steady.


    I had a problem with losing the (inside) nut if the screw that held it in place was loosen too much or taken our accidentally.  One solution was to melt a small ball (with several beads of InstaMorph, thermoplastic beads) and press it onto the nut.  In the attached pic of the inside of half of the pen ball, an arrow points to the (white) InstaMorph added over the nut.



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