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    Penguin Switch Adapted Toy

    switch adapted penguin toy with 2 switches plugged in


    MMC Library Link:

    Linked here


    The switch adapted Cool Beats Penguin toy sings, dances, lights up and can be controlled with two accessible switches that have 3.5 mm plugs. The Penguin is a Fisher Price toy that teaches the alphabet, opposites, counting, and bobs side to side with lights and music. The toy has two tactile buttons located on the foot. The switch adapted version enables these green and red buttons to be activated by an assistive switch. The switch adapted toy would be beneficial for someone who may have difficulty pressing the original buttons on the toy. Some people may find the original buttons too hard to press, too small, or out of reach for appropriate use. If you don’t already own a 3.5 mm jack switch, they can also be requested from the device library.


    Connect one assistive switch to the switch jack on the left side of the toy and one assistive switch to the switch jack on the right side of the toy. To activate the Cool Beats Penguin with the assistive switches, the power switch located on the bottom of the toy must be turned on. Once turned on, the assistive switches can be used as an alternative to the green and red buttons on the penguin’s feet for activation.


    Toy Hack based on instructional video by “Santa” Jerry Galland.

    Documentation created by Neil Squire / Makers Making Change.

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