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    Stage Prototype
    Project Need Agility / Dexterity, Mobility
    Created By Makers Making Change
    Capabilities Needed 3D Printing, Soldering
    Time to Complete —
    Cost to Build —
    Creative Commons License attribution-sharealike-4-0-international


    This is a cost-effective 3D printable accessibility switch. The switch is 32 mm L x 22 mm W x 9 mm H and uses a standard 3.5 mm cable. Using the model of tactile switch specified, the activation force is about 1.3 N (130 gf). This switch is comparable in size, activation force, and travel to the AbleNet Mini Cup Switch.


    The switch is well-suited for use by a finger. This switch can be plugged into any standard 3.5 mm AT interface. It can also be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Multiple switches can be used to get input from more than one finger. The switch can be mounted using adhesive on the rear surface.

    Build Instructions


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    The link to the 3D print file is not working. Would it be possible to get a copy of the files?



    Hey @brentcourson – thanks for the heads up. It looks like Thingiverse is having issues. Again.

    I’ve added the two stl files directly to the project page: https://makersmakingchange.com/project/raindrop-switch/


    Big thanks to Francis Esmonde-White ([www.esmonde-white.com)](www.esmonde-white.com) who helped update the design of the base to make it easier to print. Updated files are now on the website and Thingiverse.



    I’m hoping to get into 3D printing, but I’m still really new. I just wanted to confirm what type of filament would be appropriate to use for printing this switch, or most accessibility switches in general. Is PLA appropriate?

    Thanks for your time!


    Welcome to MMC @sgreenwood27 ..!! :blush:

    Yes, we are using PLA material for most of our 3D prints, as it is cheap, readily available and easy to print which suits most of our requirements for switches and other AT devices.

    Feel free to reach us any time here for any questions about AT devices, Electronics, 3D printing etc .

    Have a great Day..!! :dizzy:

    Gurbaksh Singh


    Thank you so much, Gurbaksh!

    That really helps. Cheers!

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